Drew Hall began as a fashion designer,  working freelance for agencies and designing merchandise for a number of companies. In 2015 he started creating pieces and accessories for friends and family under the name MICHÊL. Shortly after the loss of his father he began to look to a more "sustainable" career and decided to enroll in Industrial Design in Toronto, ON. In hopes to maintain his love for creativity without specializing, he quickly began seeking the same outlet for personal expression as he did with MICHÉL. During this time an opportunity to work with his idols came about. In 2018, Drew became a member of HXOUSE, the creative incubator located downtown Toronto founded by La Mar Taylor. Through mentorship and opportunities he has been navigating the corporate structure and fusing his love for design with strategy. Now a product design and spatial designer, Drew has continued working with major clients while maintaining his own personal practice. 
Norman Wong Photographer (2019)